Syrian army preempts ISIL's attack on airports in Damascus

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The army men carried out a preemptive offensive against ISIL in the village of Um al-Raman from the direction of al-Badiyeh cement factory to the Southeast of al-Dhamir and engaged in heavy clashes with the terrorist, taking the village at the end of clashes.

ISIL suffered a heavy death toll in the attack and pulled back the remaining pockets of its forces from the battlefield.

Media sources close to the terrorist groups disclosed on Tuesday that the ISIL dispatched a large number of forces and a large volume of equipment to areas near al-Seen and al-Dhamir airports in Northern Damascus to capture them.

The sources said that the ISIL used foggy weather and sent several military convoys to the regions near the al-Seen and al-Dhamir airports in Eastern Qalamoun to win their control in large-scale surprise attacks.

"These convoys of ISIL have been dispatched from the regions of Ba'ar al-Qasaf and Tal Dakout located between the provinces of Damascus and Sweida, while another military column of the ISIL has been sent to the airports from al-Barada region to the East of the town of al-Quaryatayn in Homs province," the sources added.

Based on the reports, the ISIL's convoys include tanks, military equipment and vehicles, mortars, rockets and a large volume of semi-heavy weapons and ammunition.