Iraqi forces arrest 39 ISIS terrorists in Mosul

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The Iraqi Counter-terrorism forces managed to capture 39 ISIS terrorists in the eastern part of Mosul during a combing operation on Saturday.

Major Ali Mohsen, an officer from the elite forces, said that Iraqi security forces arrested 39 ISIS terrorists in East Mosul in a search and combing operation in the neighbourhoods of al-Zuhur, al-Qadisiya, al-Akhaa, al-Sukkar and al-Zahraa.

He added that the combing operation is still ongoing.

The Iraqi army also has placed the eastern part of Mosul under strict curfew due to the presence of the remaining ISIS terrorists in the area which has been recently liberated from the terrorist group.

To conduct the large-scale combing operation, a huge reinforcement forces from the federal police were deployed in the city, according to local sources.