Trisha become a big action heroine ?

Actress Trisha

Trisha upcoming horror Mohini director Madesh opens up about the film , Actor Trisha's upcoming horror Mohini is in the pipeline, prepping for release.

The film's director R Madesh, while speaking about the film and the actress, stated: "Trisha has been given the stage to transform as a big action heroine with Mohini. 

The film is for all audiences, with elements for wholesome entertainment like songs, action, romance, good visuals and a good subject matter. Families will enjoy Mohini.

A huge aspect of the movie is that about 80 percent of it has been shot abroad. 

Visual effects have always hugely impacted the audience - not now, but from the time of Gentleman and Prabhu Deva's headless dance in Kadhalan. And as a filmmaker, I can sense it. Horror is a good platform for exhibiting grandeur using VFX. 

We don't want to do just another film, we want to give you value for your money."