SRK in Pune for Raees: ‘Keeping quiet is also freedom of expression’

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Shah Rukh Khan was in the city on Monday visited two venues to promote his recently-released film Raees. He also interacted with the media later in the day on a variety of topics — the response fetched by Raees, its clash with Hrithik Roshan’s Kaabil and also on whether the film industry has become a soft target of the right wingers in the recent past.

Talking about the film’s clash with Kaabil, the actor said he doesn’t want to sound rude, mean or pompous, but for him, there is only one release — Raees. “One way is to sit down and think about the competition and plan your film. Another is to say that this is my film and this is what it should do. It’s not happening with me for the first time.

I have had big films releasing alongside my films in the past,” he said, adding that from a business point of view it would be good for films to release without a competition.

Khan was also asked about the recent attacks on the Hindi film industry, where a few days ago, director Sanjay Leela Bhansali was assaulted by a group of men on the sets of his upcoming movie Padmavati. Karan Johar’s Ae Dil Hai Mushkil too, had attracted criticism from a political party for casting a Pakistani actor.

In the past, Khan’s film Billu had also got caught into a controversy due to objection from the barber community.

“I will be very honest. No filmmaker in the world tries to make a film to hurt anybody’s sentiments. In Billu’s case, I never thought there was anything wrong in the title. When Billu released, 45 heads of the barber community came to me and they really believed that the use of the word ‘barber’ with the film was wrong. I didn’t think there was any problem though.

I did not change because I got pressurized but I didn’t want to hurt their sentiments as they genuinely didn’t like it. I told my office people we are not doing it. Let’s change the name and keep only Billu,” said Khan.

Pointing out at those who resort to violence, the actor said there is no one in the world who will say it’s okay to beat people on the road. “If anyone has an issue with any film, then I feel there are more peaceful ways of expressing feelings. I am sure 99.99 per cent of filmmakers will relent if you will tell them peacefully about some scenes. We all are creative people and are very open to discussion and change,” he said.

On why he’s been refraining himself from making comments, he said, “Social media, making comments.. I think there’s already too much noise around. Why add to the noise? We are now finding very quick ways of describing things and reacting. Sometimes, keeping quiet is also a freedom of expression. We should be proactive and less reactive.”

During his visit to the city, he went to Symbiosis Institute of Design (SID), Viman Nagar and Seasons Mall. At SID, he also gave a shout out for FUNDAMENTAL 2017 — the annual design fest organised by SID.

Speaking to the students about the importance of education in one’s life, he went on to say that apart from the little talent he possesses, it was his education that brought him where he is today. The actor also had a little interaction with the students and danced with them to the beats of Chaiyya Chaiyya.