Sripriya Explains Her Stance On Reality Shows

One of the most outspoken artists in the Tamil industry, veteran actress Sripriya has off late spoken out regarding the reality shows being telecast across popular TV channels. It is well know that her contemporaries namely Kushboo, Roja, Lakshmi Ramakrishnan and Urvashi are hosting the shows, which have earned quite a large audience over the years.

Sripriya has for a while now been sharing her views against these reality shows through her Facebook posts and Twitter tweets, which have earned her praises from many fans. However, there is a section of fans who are questioning why the actress took so long to respond.

In her reply, Sripriya kept it crisp stating she had not watched any of the popular reality shows up until recently. However, after the release of GV Prakash's Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru, which got trolled heavily online for the depiction of a popular reality TV show, she decided to look at what the whole fuss was about. Upon watching the shows, she felt surprised theys are being telecast and enjoy such a wide viewership. The actress further reasserted her opinion on the need for such shows to be put to a stop.