Raghava Lawrence And Students List Three Demands To CM O. Panneerselvam

The Jallikattu protests that brought the entire state to a halt few days back had seen many prolific celebrities voice their support for Tamil Nadu's traditional sport. Raghava Lawrence was one of the most prominent stars to stand in line with students at the protest that took place at Marina Beach, Chennai.

Meanwhile, Lawrence along with few students and youngsters had met the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu earlier today and listed their demands. The Sivalinga star released a statement on his official Facebook page a short while back saying, "Hi friends and fans, I want to share an important information with you all. I along with few students and youngsters who protested in Marina met our Chief Minister yesterday. We have made few demands to him. Our first demand was to release all students who have been arrested for protesting. Secondly, proper medical attention needs to be provided to all people who got injured during the protest. Our historic victory needs to be celebrated. The government has to find means to help the students, youngsters and public celebrate for our victory in a peaceful manner and that was our 3rd request to the CM. We also wish to thank CM sir for taking necessary steps to bring back Jallikattu,".

He further added, "Along with the people of Tamil Nadu, I am also waiting for our CM to take immediate action to release students, to provide medical facilities and to create a platform for us to celebrate our victory,".