A Popular Singer has dubbed for Rajini in Telugu Kabali

Kabali,singer Mano,Rajinikanth ,Indian movie

Kabali, as we all know has been dubbed in many languages including Hindi, Telugu, Malayalam and Malay. The teaser and songs of Kabali were also released in Telugu. What hasn’t  surfaced yet is the fact that a popular singer has dubbed his voice for Rajinikanth in Telugu! It is none other than the ever youthful singer Mano.

The last time we saw Mano crooning his voice for the Superstar was for the film Lingaa in which he had lent his voice for the song Mona Gasolina. Going back to the Telugu teaser, if one would listen closer, it can be easily identified that it is his voice!

Notably, in a first time for any Indian movie, Kabali has been dubbed in Malay also. Here’s the video link to an interview with Arun Kumaran,the person who dubbed Rajini’s voice in Malay:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C4p5KALN4y8