‘I Will Tie The Knot By 2019,’

Vishal in an interview

Vishal in an interview with us, talks about his upcoming film Thupparivaalan that hits the screens on Thursday, plans for Nadigar Sangam and Producers’ Council, and of course his wedding. As we enter actor-producer Vishal Krishna’s office, there is a flurry of activity. Apart from delegating responsibilities to his staff, he is also surrounded by files and papers that need to be signed immediately. 

A bespectacled Vishal looking quite like his Sherlock Holmes-like role in Thupparivaalan, puts things on hold for a quick conversation with us. It seems like he hasn’t come out of his character from the film. “That’s how special Mysskin’s films are. We have been wanting to do such a film for about six years now. And finally, Thupparivaalan happened. We have put in a lot of work for this film, and Mysskin’s vision to come true,” says Vishal. “He has never seen my films before. He had only seen songs or clippings of my previous films. So, he ensured that I am portrayed in a stylish manner in Thupparivaalan. ” He adds. 

The film’s fight sequences have been spoken about much. “I was scared when we shot the Chinese sword fight scene. It was a real-time sequence which was shot using real swords. It was one of the most challenging things I have ever done for a movie. However, that is the scene which will help me prove myself as an action hero,” he muses. 

The actor also injured his knee while shooting for the film. However, this isn’t the first time he’s been hurt on the sets. Last year, he injured himself on his shoulder during the shoot of Kaththi Sandai. “Mysskin even yelled at me for taking such risks for the climax shoot and asked me to go for a body-double. I was particular that I wanted to do it myself. But he did use a body-double once when I was having my lunch,” smirks Vishal. 

Mysskin is known for neo-noir thrillers like Anjaathey, Chithiram Paesuthadi and Yuddham Sei, whereas Vishal is popular for mass commercial entertainers like Sanda kozhi, Thimiru and Marudhu among others. Talking about the extremes combining for Thupparivaalan , Vishal says, “This is just the beginning. I am going to be working with Mysskin for the rest of his career. Either I will be playing the lead in his upcoming films or it will be produced by Vishal Film Factory. Moreover, the audience expect action from me. They also do not enjoy unnecessary songs in the film. So, we’ve done away with that as well.” The movie also has Prasanna, Vinay Rai, Anu Emmanuel, Andrea, Simran and K Bhagyaraj among others. 

“Mysskin thinks out of the box when it comes to casting. Even if it’s a single dialogue, he needs someone, who can justify it. Prasanna is more like Dr Watson in this film, who comes across as a humorous and gullible person. Vinay was roped in because we needed a stylish villain, who has less dialogues, is ruthless, and could justify action scenes,” says Vishal. The actor-producer also says that the movie will have a sequel. 

Apart from this, he also has Irumbu Thirai, Villain in Malayalam, and the remake of Telugu film Temper. “I am proud that I have introduced a director like Mithran to the industry. 'Irumbu Thirai' is an excellent film and I am looking forward to it. My character in 'Villain' is that of negative shades but of a vigilante. I would want to do such roles in Tamil as well. I have been the hero, Bala introduced me as a heroine in 'Avan Ivan' , and now I am looking to play negative shades,” he asserts. 

Of screen, Vishal, who is also the general secretary of the Nadigar Sangam and the President of Tamil Nadu Film Producers’ Council, says that he has formed his teams to ensure the associations are run democratically. How different was it before? “It was more like anarchy. Now things are transparent and I pity those who are accusing us of a lot of wrongdoings. My kind advice to them is to stop accusing us and do something constructive for the society. The building work is going smoothly and is expected to be completed by December 2018. On the council’s front, we are taking steps to curb piracy, which we will announce soon.” He replies.

With so many responsibilities, how does he make time for his family? Do they not complain? “They used to. But once they realised what my vision is, they understood,” adds Vishal. Speaking of family, Vishal’s sister recently tied the knot. We can’t help but ask when he’d get hitched. “By January 2019, I will be married.” he quickly concludes.