Tops features of latest iPhone

Phone 8

The latest and much anticipated iPhone from Apple for the company’s 10th anniversary will be launched a few hours from now. The company is being very secretive about it, but there is a lot of rumours around the smartphone that is expected to be called iPhone X or iPhone 8. Here are some features we can expect from Apple’s latest.

The display is expected to be edge-to-edge, going all the way up to the front facing camera. This means that the Home button and Touch ID will be done away with, and probably be replaced by facial-recognition software that can recognize the user’s face in milliseconds. Supposedly, Apple is changing from LED displays to OLED, allowing for more vibrant colours than LED panels.

Camera quality is expected to improve, meaning that the latest iPhone can take advantage of the Apple’s new AR Kit in iOS 11. Speaking of which, the new smartphone is set to take full advantage of Apple’s new iOS. Wireless charging is also set to improve. One factor that might or might not be great “feature” is the price: the starting price might be Rs. 64! One thing is for sure: we will know in a few hours!