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Maragadha Nanayam movie review

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Towards the end of the hilarious Maragadha Nanayam is a scene that is set in a tea shop. As Senguttuvan (Aadhi) and his friend Elango (Danie) rest after much of the film’s madcap eccentricities, Mundasupatti’s background score starts playing and a wall of the teashop has a poster of Indru Netru Naalai pasted on it.

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Rangoon movie Review

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When you make a movie with a title that boasts of a region or a place, it becomes very mandatory to involve the original nativity, the word Rangoon is synonymous to many Tamilians for history speaks itself. Rajkumar the debutant director treats 'Rangoon' with utmost care deep diving into the characters that hold the essence of the movie, brings an interesting take on underworld setting that can question a man on his character, as bad or good. Hands down, this is simply the best of Gautam Karthik’s act, he sheds that chocolate boy image by a large margin to something grittier.

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Sathriyan Movie Review

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The super hit ‘Sundarapandiian’ and ‘Idhu Kadhirvelan Kadhal, Director S.R.Prabhakaran has made ‘Sathriyan’ after a pretty long gap. The film stars Vikram Prabhu who needs a hit to stabilize his career, in the lead role. Let’s see how the film has come out and what effect it will have in the careers of the actor and director.

Samuthiram (Sharath Lohithashwa) is a dreaded don who is extremely powerful in Trichy. He is murdered by Shankar (Aruldas) with the support of the local minister and police. By killing Samuthiram, Shankar becomes the most powerful in the city.

Vikram PrabhuVikram Prabhu's filmSathriyan Movie ReviewSathriyan ReviewSathriyan movieSathriyan Movie still

Brindavanam movie review

Brindavanam movie review

Director Radha Mohan is back after a gap with ‘Brindavanam’ and with this film he has delivered what one would expect of a Radha Mohan film. Starring Arulnithi, Tanya and Vivek in central roles, ‘Brindavanam’ is a neat feel good film which would make you laugh in many instances and also leave you teary eyed with its emotional content.

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Thondan movie review

Thondan movie review

Any Samuthirakani film will carry a lot of relevant messages for society pushing entertainment values to the back seat. In ‘Thondan’ many current issues are tackled more verbally than visually, and this time entertainment is left hanging for dear life on the bumper of the speeding ambulance.

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Yeidhavan movie review

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With a familiar team of young actors and a strong technical crew, Yeidhavan gets off to a brisk start. The story wastes no time in getting into the main plot, the malpractices that take place in and around getting admissions in medical colleges.

The boy next door looks gives Kalaiyarasan a strong advantage when it comes to portraying the role of a middle class business man who’s keen to get his sister to join the MBBS course. Aptly supporting him is Satna Titus who’s a police woman and also his girlfriend.

Yeidhavan movie reviewYeidhavan movieYeidhavanYeidhavan reviewYeidhavan movie stills

Enga Amma Rani movie review

Enga Amma Rani movie review

One of the positive changes happening in Tamil cinema is the increase in the number of films with a female character as solo lead. The new addition to the list is ‘Enga Amma Rani’ in which Sai Dhanshika plays the lead role of a single mother of a twin children. Written and directed by debutant Bani, ‘Enga Amma Rani’ makes quite an impact as an emotional story about a mother and daughter, with its limited resources.

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Power Paandi movie review

Power Paandi movie review

Dhanush one of the most sought after leading men in Tamil cinema has successfully showcased his talents as a lyricist, singer, writer and producer. ‘Pa. Paandi’ his official directorial debut proves beyond any doubt that he is indeed the complete showman of Kollywood.

Power Paandi (Rajkiran) is a retired stunt master living with his son Raghavan (Prasanna), daughter-in-law Prema (Chaaya Singh) and their two children Dhruv (Master Raghav) and Shaksha (Baby Chavvi). While the grandchildren adore him, he is often at loggerheads with his son due poking his nose for social causes.

Power Paandi movie reviewPower Paandi reviewPower PaandiPa. Paandi reviewPa. Paandimovie review

Shivalinga movie review

Shivalinga movie review

'Shivalinga' comes from P.Vasu and Raghava Lawerence, the two pioneers of the now extremely popular Horror-comedy genre in Tamil cinema. While the duo have teamed up for the first time that too for the remake of Vasu’s Kannada blockbuster. With the comedy king Vadivelu and the super talented actress Ritika Singh on board, the expectations for the film among family audience was huge. Let's see how the film has lived up to its promise.

Shivalinga movieShivalinga tamil movieRaghava Lawrence's ShivalingaShivalinga castShivalinga reviewShivalinga movie review



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