Yeidhavan movie review

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With a familiar team of young actors and a strong technical crew, Yeidhavan gets off to a brisk start. The story wastes no time in getting into the main plot, the malpractices that take place in and around getting admissions in medical colleges.

The boy next door looks gives Kalaiyarasan a strong advantage when it comes to portraying the role of a middle class business man who’s keen to get his sister to join the MBBS course. Aptly supporting him is Satna Titus who’s a police woman and also his girlfriend.

Yeidhavan movie reviewYeidhavan movieYeidhavanYeidhavan reviewYeidhavan movie stills

Yeidhavan Deals with an Important Social Problem

Yeidhavan Deals with an Important Social Problem

It is not easy to miss such issues that happen every day around you! Educational and the crime, money laundering around the world is what Yeidhavan deals with.

The movie stars Kalaiyarasan, Satna Titus in the lead while prominent actors like Vela Ramamoorthy and Aadukalan Naren will make sure they carry the story forward.

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