Who is Marine Le Pen?

From Macron to Le Pen, EU woes to Islamic terrorism. Everything you need to know:French presidential elections 2017

French presidential elections 2017,De Macron à Le Pen, les malheurs de l'UE au terrorisme islamique. Tout ce que vous devez savoir: élections présidentielles françaises 2017

The 2017 French presidential elections is significant for many reasons. The fight between independent centrist leader Emmanuel Macron and far-right populist candidate Marine Le Pen is in itself a deviation from the traditional fight between the center-left Socialists and center-right Republicans. With opinion polls giving an easy 20 per cent lead to Macron, writing off Le Pen would be a mistake considering  the outcomes of US elections and Brexit. As French voters decide on their next leader, here’s all you need to know about French elections:

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