Suicide car bomber

suicide car bomber, Gunmen Attack Police HQ In Afghan Province

 suicide car bomber

 At least one suicide car bomber and a number of gunmen attacked a provincial police headquarters in Afghanistan on Tuesday, officials said. The Taliban claimed responsibility.

An exact casualty toll was unclear as the attack was ongoing in Gardez, the capital of Paktia province, a police official told Reuters.

The attackers targeted a police training centre attached to the headquarters, according to a statement by the Interior Ministry.

Suicide car bombergunmen attackPolice HQ In Afghan Province:Taliban claimed

Suicide car bomber kills 25 soldiers near base in Yemen

Suicide car bomber kills 25 soldiers near base in Yemen,Yemen,Suicide car bomber, attacked,

A suicide car bomber attacked a checkpoint near a military base in southern Yemen on Wednesday, killing 25 soldiers, local security officials said.

The attack in Aden left eight others injured, according to three local security officials. It targeted a checkpoint outside the Al Solban military base.

After the bomb, a group of militants raided the base, leading to hours of clashes from within the facility. Dozens of rocket-propelled grenade rockets were launched at the base.

YemenSuicide car bomberattacked


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