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Brazil's President Michel Temer Refuses To Resign Over Corruption Probe

Brazil's President Michel Temer

Around 24 hours after an explosive report in O Globo newspaper that said Michel Temer had been caught on tape agreeing to bribe the jailed politician, he faced eight formal requests for his impeachment.

Brazil's President Michel Temer defiantly refused to step down Thursday after being put under investigation for allegedly authorizing payment of hush money to a politician imprisoned for corruption.

"I will not resign. I repeat: I will not resign," he announced angrily, wagging his finger, in a brief but televised statement to the nation.

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Brazilians Take To Streets Against Corruption

Brazilians marched across the country Sunday, protesting against corrupt politicians and what they see as attempts by Congress to shut down a huge anti-graft probe.

Dressed overwhelmingly in the green and yellow national colors and waving the Brazilian flag, thousands of demonstrators flocked to a beachside avenue in Rio's posh Copacabana, outside Congress in the capital Brasilia, and to the center of the country's financial powerhouse Sao Paulo.

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