Two killed during last 24 hours at Ranmuthugala ,Kadawatha

Ranmuthugala and Kadawatha shooting, Kadawatha , Ranmuthugala, Ranmuthugala shooting

An individual was shot dead at Ranmuthugala ,Kadawatha by two unidentified gunmen on a motorbike.

The shooting had taken place at 8.15 pm yesterday (30).The victim who was admitted to Ragama Teaching Hospital succumbed to injuries.

He was identified as a 37-year-old residing in Ranmuthugala, Kadawatha.Meanwhile, another person was beaten to death by a sharp object in Panamura-Dambarayaya.

Ranmuthugala and Kadawatha shootingKadawathaRanmuthugalaRanmuthugala shooting

Export-dependent economy to be instigated - PM


The country’s economy will transition to a completely export-dependent economy during the course of the next few years, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe says.

The Prime Minister stated this upon attending a ceremony in Ranmuthugala, Kadawatha.

He stated that instead of merely complaining about the inability to pay off loans, the government had taken upon the responsibility of instigating an export-based economy, and consequently creating more employment opportunities, both for the development of the economy.

Prime Minister Ranil WickremesingheThe Prime MinisterRanmuthugalaKadawathaGSP+Export-dependent economy to be instigated - PM


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