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France will open secret Sankara files:Macron

France will open secret Sankara files:Macron

President Emmanuel Macron kicked off his maiden African tour Tuesday by vowing to declassify secret French files on Burkina Faso's assassinated leader and announcing a billion-euro fund for African businesses.

The terror threat has cast a shadow over Macron's swing through West Africa, with three civilians wounded in an attempted grenade attack on French troops in Ouagadougou, the Burkinabe capital, shortly before his arrival late Monday.

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France on a mission to restore lost Middle East clout

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PARIS — From mediating in the crisis in Lebanon to defending Iran’s nuclear deal, President Emmanuel Macron aims to fill the vacuum left by an isolationist America to boost France’s clout in the Middle East.

On Saturday, Macron hosted Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri for talks aimed at trying to resolve the crisis triggered by Hariri’s shock decision to resign on November 4.

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'biased' French stance threatens Middle East stability:Iran

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Iran accused France on Friday of fuelling tension in the Middle East by taking a “biased” stance on Tehran’s regional policy, and President Emmanuel Macron said Tehran misunderstood its “balanced” position.

“It seems that France has a biased view towards the ongoing crises and humanitarian catastrophes in the Middle East,” Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qasemi was quoted as saying by state TV. “This view fuels regional conflicts, whether intentionally or unintentionally.”

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French Parliament gives govt carte blanche on labour reform

French Parliament gives govt carte blanche on labour reform

The French parliament has given President Emmanuel Macron's government free rein to go through with its proposed labour reform, a highly sensitive issue in the country.

The Senate, the upper house of parliament, voted 225-109 on Wednesday to allow the government to draw up a sweeping labour law during the summer and get the reform passed more quickly. The lower house, the National Assembly, gave its approval a day earlier.

The proposed bill was a key campaign promise of Macron's, but is opposed by parties on the left, some trade unions and some members of the public.

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Paris says can trim budget to meet EU deficit target

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President Emmanuel Macron, elected in May, promised during campaigning to keep France in line with the EU Stability Pact's budget rules -- notably, that the deficit must not exceed 3.0 percent of overall output.

The French government will be able to meet the EU public deficit target in 2017 after identifying 4.5 billion euros ($5.1 billion) in savings, the public accounts minister said Tuesday.

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Emmanuel Macron Reaps the Benefits of Being the Anti-Trump

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It was just a six-second video clip , but it signaled a coming-out of sorts . In Brussels in late May, France's brand-new President Emmanuel Macron engaged in a white-knuckle hand-grip with President Donald Trump, in a gesture that the French leader admitted he had carefully planned, in order to signal to Trump he would not be messed with. "You have to show you will not give little concessions," Macron explained to a French journalist afterwards.

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'This Is For Allah', London Attackers On Stabbing Spree Said: Eyewitnesses

London Attack

Three assailants smashed a van into pedestrians on London Bridge before attacking revellers in a popular nightlife hub with knives, leaving seven dead in the third deadly terror attack in Britain since March.

Britain's main political parties temporarily suspended campaigning for Thursday's general election and Prime Minister Theresa May held an emergency meeting following the rampage on Saturday evening.

"It has now been confirmed sadly that seven members of the public have died," in addition to the three suspects, London police chief Cressida Dick said.

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France’s Leaders Remain Addicted to the State of Emergency

France’s Leaders Remain Addicted to the State of Emergency

President Emmanuel Macron said today he will seek parliamentary approval to extend the country’s state of emergency until November 1, dashing hopes the new president might lift measures that have led to abusive practices.

Macron also announced, in the wake of the Manchester bombing, that his government would draw up a new counter-terrorism law in the coming weeks, despite the fact that France already has a raft of laws that permit the authorities to investigate, detain, and prosecute terrorism suspects.

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