US-led coalition conducts ‘defensive’ airstrikes against Syrian forces says Pentagon

US-led coalition conducts ‘defensive’ airstrikes against Syrian forces says Pentagon

The US-led coalition conducted defensive airstrikes against pro-government forces in Syria that attacked Syrian Democratic Forces headquarters near the Euphrates River, the Central Command said in a press release.

"Syrian pro-regime forces initiated an unprovoked attack against well-established Syrian Democratic Forces headquarters Feb. 7," the release said Wednesday. "In defense of Coalition and partner forces, the Coalition conducted strikes against attacking forces to repel the act of aggression against partners engaged in the Global Coalition's defeat-Daesh [Daesh] mission."

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The United States is not contemplating military action inside Pakistan:Pakistani newspapers

The United States

The United States is not contemplating military action inside Pakistan, the Pentagon has said, refuting such reports appearing in Pakistani newspapers. Instead, the US seeks Pakistan's cooperation and assistance in various operations under its new South Asia strategy, Lt Gen Kenneth F McKenzie told reporters at a news conference on Thursday.

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Transgender US troops Can Serve Into 2018: Pentagon

Transgender US troops Can Serve Into 2018

Transgender personnel in the US military can keep serving and can re-enlist well into next year while the Pentagon figures out how to implement President Donald Trump's ban, an official said Friday.

Trump surprised Pentagon leaders in July by announcing via Twitter the ban on transgender people serving "in any capacity," reversing a plan launched by his predecessor Barack Obama that would see the military accept openly transgender recruits.

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Donald Trump signs memo that bans transgender recruits

Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump on Friday signed a memo that effectively bans transgender individuals from joining the military.

The memo bars transgender people from joining military service, but instructs Secretary of Defence James Mattis to explore ways to handle transgender service member already serving up to the Pentagon, Xinhua reported.

It also orders a stop for payment on gender reassignment surgeries.

The move came a month after Trump tweeted that he would not allow transgender individuals to serve in the U.S. military in any capacity.

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ISIS Falling 'Very Fast': US President Trump At Pentagon

President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump on Thursday declared that the ISIS is crumbling, as he met with Pentagon officials to discuss America's military campaigns and progress in eradicating "radical terrorism."

"We're doing very well against ISIS. ISIS is falling fast, very fast," Trump said as he arrived at the Defense Department.

Trump campaigned heavily on the promise to defeat ISIS, and during his inaugural address he promised to "unite the civilized world against radical Islamic terrorism, which we will eradicate completely from the face of the Earth."

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US drone airstrike Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia

Al-Shabaab,Somalia,US forces,Terrorist group Al-Shabaab,AMISOM,Pentagon , Al Qaeda, US drone, US drone airstrike , US drone airstrike Al-Shabaab militants in Somalia , US drone airstrike Al-Shabaab militants , US drone in Somalia

The Pentagon has acknowledged that a US drone has carried out an airstrike in Somalia against the terrorist group Al-Shabaab. There were no further details about the attack, the second since President Donald Trump expanded US strike authority.

“On July 2, at approximately 7:30 am Eastern Daylight Time, US forces conducted a kinetic strike operation against al-Shabab, an Al Qaeda associated terrorist group. We are currently assessing the results of the operation, and will provide additional information as appropriate,” the Pentagon said.

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US Says China Likely To Build More Overseas Bases, Maybe In Pakistan


A Pentagon report released on Tuesday singled out Pakistan as a possible location for a future Chinese military base, as it forecast that Beijing would likely build more bases overseas after establishing a facility in the African nation of Djibouti The prediction came in a 97-page annual report to Congress that saw advances throughout the Chinese military in 2016, funded by robust defense spending that the Pentagon estimated exceeded $180 billion. That is higher than China's official defense budget figure of 954.35 billion yuan ($140.4 billion).

US Says China Likely To Build More Overseas BasesMaybe In PakistanAfrican nation of DjiboutiPentagonSuez CanalBangladeshMyanmarSri LankaUS military base

North Korea 'disrespected the wishes' of Chinese Prez: Trump

US President Donald Trump

US President Donald Trump has said that North Korea has disrespected the wishes of China by carrying out another missile test, as Pentagon confirmed it was a failed attempt by Pyongyang.

"North Korea disrespected the wishes of China and its highly respected President when it launched, though unsuccessfully, a missile today. Bad!" Trump said in a tweet last night, hours after North Korea carried out yet another failed missile test.

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Another failed missile test by North Korea: Pentagon

Kim Jong Un

In yet another provocative behaviour, Pyongyang fired a ballistic missile but it did not leave North Korean territory, the Pentagon has confirmed, terming it as a failed attempt.

"The US Pacific Command detected what we assess was a North Korean missile launch at 10:33 AM Hawaii time APR 28. The ballistic missile launch occurred near the Pukchang airfield," Dave Benham, PACOM spokesman said in a statement.

"The missile did not leave North Korean territory," Benham said.

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US Backpedals From Claims of 50,000 Daesh Fighters Killed

Daesh Fighters

The Obama administration has specifically refused to confirm an estimate last month by an unnamed senior US official that 50,000 Daesh fighters have been killed in the campaign against the terror group, US Department of Defense spokesman Peter Cook said in a briefing on Tuesday.

"It's not a good metric of success and it's not an easy number to determine," Cook told reporters.

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