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French utility EDF delays restarts at three nuclear reactors

French utility EDF delays restarts at three nuclear reactors

French state-controlled power utility EDF has delayed the restart of its 900-megawatt (MW) St. Laurent 2 nuclear reactor by five days until Nov. 2, a notice on power grid operator RTE’s website showed on Saturday.

The utility has also postponed by a day to Oct. 23 the restart of its 1,500-MW reactors Chooz 1 and Civaux 1, separate notices from RTE showed.

Chooz 1 was halted on Oct. 2 for maintenance and was initially scheduled to resume production the next day, but suffered an unplanned stoppage and its restart has been postponed several times since.

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France forced to close several nuclear reactors for checks

nuclear reactors

France's nuclear safety authority has asked the state-owned power company EDF to shut down five nuclear reactors to carry out safety checks.

The watchdog has given EDF three months to check five of France's 58 reactors, which it said were Civaux 1, Fessenheim 1, Gravelines 4, Tricastin 4, and Tricastin 2.

A further seven are already being tested. 

The checks were prompted by the discovery of a high level of carbon in steel used in the high-pressure heat exchangers, which can weaken their mechanical properties and ultimately lead to leaks or explosions. 

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