Nimal Siripala

Nimal Siripala for Premier, signatures of MPs obtained

Nimal Siripala,

A move to obtain sufficient signatures to prove that Transport Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva commands the majority support in Parliament and eligible to be appointed as the Prime Minister, has been commenced yesterday noon.

The UPFA proposed the setting up of a minority government with the support of the joint opposition, with Transport Minister de Silva being tipped as the Prime Minister, a senior party member stated.

Nimal Siripala

New amendments grab SLFP central comm. attention


The recent amendments made to the national constitution have drawn the attention of the Central Committee of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP). 

The statements were made during a meeting held at the Presidents’ official residence, earlier yesterday (22). 

The stability of the SLFP as a party was discussed during the amending of the new constitution. 

A special committee lead by Nimal Siripala has been formed to discuss the necessary amendments that should be made to the existing constitution. 

New amendments grab SLFP central comm. attentionSri Lanka Freedom PartySLFPNimal SiripalaThe Central Committee The Central Committee


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