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National Anthem Must Play In Cinemas Before Film, Orders Supreme Court

According to the latest Supreme Court order, the national anthem should be played in theatres before all movie screenings mandatorily. Everyone should stand when the anthem is played and Indian national flag should also be shown on screen. When the national anthem is played it is imperative for everyone to show honour and respect to it, says the court.

It was a mandatory practice for cinema halls to play the national anthem after every movie during the 1960s but the practice slowly faded away by the 1990s.

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Don't change provisions on NF, NA, Buddhism: JO

In its proposals to the Steering Committee on Constitutional Reforms, the joint opposition (JO) has said the constitutional provisions on matters such as the National Flag (NF) and National Anthem (NA)and the status accorded to Buddhism should in no way be compromised.

The JO states that sovereignty rested in the people and was inalienable according to the current constitution and should be retained unchanged. It said the Territory of the Republic as in Article 5 of the 1978 Constitution should be preserved.

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