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PV Sindhu scaled new heights

PV Sindhu,

PV Sindhu scaled new heights but it was K Srikanth who took Indian badminton by storm with a higher title count as male shuttlers finally came out of the shadows in a season of unprecedented success for the sport.

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Disrespecting National Anthem, Flag- China Considers 3 Year Jail

 China Considers 3 Year Jail

China's largely rubber-stamp parliament is considering tougher penalties for people who disrespect the national anthem or flag in public, including up to three years in jail, state news agency Xinhua said on Tuesday.

Xi Jinping has ushered in new legislation aimed at securing China from threats both within and outside its borders since taking over as president in 2013, as well as presiding over a sweeping crackdown on dissent and free speech.

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Police Case Against 6 For Not Standing Up For National Anthem At Kerala Film Fest

A police case has been filed against six people for failing to stand up during the national anthem at an international film festival in Kerala's Thiruvananthapuram.

The police said the men did not budge even when the policemen present at the hall requested them to stand up asĀ  per a recent order of the Supreme Court. The IFFK organisers and Director of Chalachitra Academy, Charmin Kamal, also asked them to stand, but they refused.

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Close, Don't Bolt Doors, But National Anthem Must At Cinemas: Supreme Court

The national anthem remains compulsory in all cinemas, the Supreme Court said today, while tweaking its earlier order to state that the theatre's doors should remain closed, but not bolted, till the play-out ends. People with disabilities in the audience do not need to stand up, the judges said, clarifying the verdict they delivered last week.

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After Cinemas, Anthem Must In Court? Don't Stretch It, Says Supreme Court

After its widely-debated order to play the national anthem in cinemas with the doors shut, the Supreme Court today rejected a petition to make it a must in courts. "We are not inclined," the judges said.

On Wednesday, the court said citizens "are duty-bound to show respect to the national anthem which is the symbol of the constitutional patriotism" and ordered that the anthem be played before movie screenings.

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Supreme Court's Order On National Anthem Will Strengthen Nationalism: BJP

Welcoming the Supreme Court's order on national anthem, BJP today said it will strengthen the spirit of nationalism and the idea of 'Ek Bharat, Shrestha Bharat'.

The apex court today directed that cinema halls across the country must play the national anthem before the screening of a film and people should stand up as a mark of respect.

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National Anthem Must Play In Cinemas Before Film, Orders Supreme Court

According to the latest Supreme Court order, the national anthem should be played in theatres before all movie screenings mandatorily. Everyone should stand when the anthem is played and Indian national flag should also be shown on screen. When the national anthem is played it is imperative for everyone to show honour and respect to it, says the court.

It was a mandatory practice for cinema halls to play the national anthem after every movie during the 1960s but the practice slowly faded away by the 1990s.

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Don't change provisions on NF, NA, Buddhism: JO

In its proposals to the Steering Committee on Constitutional Reforms, the joint opposition (JO) has said the constitutional provisions on matters such as the National Flag (NF) and National Anthem (NA)and the status accorded to Buddhism should in no way be compromised.

The JO states that sovereignty rested in the people and was inalienable according to the current constitution and should be retained unchanged. It said the Territory of the Republic as in Article 5 of the 1978 Constitution should be preserved.

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