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The North is Normal – Opposition Leader

Leader of the Opposition R Sampanthan  while speaking at an event held in the North said, that the  people in the South are now hesitant to visit the North due to  misinformation  that tense situations could arise at any time in the North. .

He has refuted reports of a possible tense situation arising in the North.
The Opposition Leader requested the public not to harbour needless fears in their minds  regarding  the imaginary  situation in the North.

He pointed out that such an issue would not arise and requested the public to refrain from establishing such fears.

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The government must act urgently with regard to the affected people : Sambanthan

Srilankan Government should take actions about the People who are affected by war, said the Opposition leader and leader of the Tamil National Alliance, R.Sambanthan in the Parliamentary session held yesterday (04th September 2016).

“We are presently engaged in discussing with this Government about various Matters and we would like a consensus to be arrived amongst all of us, with regard to all of those matters and for the matters to be resolved on the basis of consensual arrangements, Discussions, and dialogue” he said.

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JO MP Dinesh slams government for denying the Opp. Leader post

JO MP Dinesh slams government for denying the Opp. Leader post
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