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Paramedics union engages in 24-hour token strike

The United Paramedics Services Union (UPSU) has engaged in a 24-hour token strike, which started at 8.00 am today (29).

However, the paramedics  working at the Lady Ridgeway Hospital, Castle hospital, De Soyza Hospital, Maharagama Cancer hospital, Mahamodara Women and Children hospital and the Peradeniya Children hospital, will not be engaging in the token strike.


Paramedics union engages in 24-hour token strikeLady Ridgeway HospitalCastle hospitalDe Soyza HospitalMaharagama cancer hospitalMahamodara Women and Children hospitalthe Peradeniya Children hospital

Breast cancer is common among men too

Breast cancer,

Breast cancer, the most widespread form of cancer, is now common among men too.

Sri Lanka reports around 2,000 to 2,500 women with breast cancer annually, while male breast cancer cases are estimated at around 50 a year.

Almost 99 per cent of women get breast cancer due to the effect of the estrogen hormone, while women who had not given birth, who use artificial hormones and drugs, especially for family planning, are also cited as reasons for breast cancer, medical research has established.

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