Kabul Attack

ISIS claims responsibility for attack in Kabul

ISIS claims responsibility for attack in Kabul

The blast hit the convoy during the morning rush hour in one of the busiest parts of Kabul. Public health officials said eight civilians were killed and at least 25 wounded, with a number of civilian vehicles that were near the convoy destroyed or badly damaged.

A spokesman for the US-led NATO mission, US Navy Capt. Bill Salvin, said three US service members were wounded in the attack. The vehicles, which are designed to withstand big blasts, were able to return to a base under their own power, he said.

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Kabul Attack Prompts ISIS, Taliban to Launch Competing Claims of Responsibility

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Both the Taliban and ISIS claimed responsibility for a deadly terror attack in the Afghan capital on Monday, underscoring competition between the rival militant groups and what could be territorial incursion.

The suicide car bomb hit a minibus carrying guards working for the Canadian embassy, killing 14 Nepalese nationals and wounding several others.

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