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Jennifer Lawrence wants to take acting hiatus

Jennifer Lawrence wants to take acting hiatus

Actress Jennifer Lawrence said she wants to take a break from acting and milk goats at a farm.

In an interview, the Academy Award-winning actress revealed that after seven years of shooting an average of three films a year, she was ready for a break.

"I want to get a farm. I want to be, like, milking goats," said Lawrence.

She also plans to spend additional time working with Represent.us, an organisation which aims to end political corruption. She is currently on its board.

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Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Reunite at 2017

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield Reunite at 2017

Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield continue to remain friendly exes.

The two, who broke up more than two years ago, reunited at the 2017 Governors Awards, hosted by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences at the Hollywood & Highland Center in Hollywood, where the group presents the Oscars every year.

Stone and Garfield were photographed laughing together inside the event. Throughout the evening, the two spent time talking during almost every opportunity, E! News has learned.

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Jennifer Lawrence’s horror film will scare the hell out of you

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Jennifer Lawrence, who was last seen in Passenger alongside Chris Pratt and Michael Sheen, appears very flustered in the trailer of her latest film Mother!. The film is directed by Darren Aronofsky who has previously helmed Black Swan and Requiem for a Dream. Indeed, Mother! seems like a typical Aronofsky film if we judge the upcoming film by its trailer.

Jennifer Lawrence and Javier Bardem are a happy and loving couple in an isolated house until their life is altered by an unexpected arrival of strangers, beginning with the brilliant Ed Harris and followed by Michelle Pfeiffer.

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Jennifer Lawrence’s Next Movie Gets An Oscar-Friendly Release Date

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Yesterday was packed with scheduling changes over at Paramount Pictures. First, World War Z 2 was removed from its June 2017 spot and doesn't have a new release date assigned yet. The Friday the 13th reboot was also undated, but mere hours later, it was reported that the project had also been canceled possibly due to the poor performance of Rings. However, it wasn't all bad news from the studio. Jennifer Lawrence's next movie, mother!, has been given a release date for October later this year, putting it in prime Oscar-buzz territory.

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Jennifer Lawrence's Biggest Fear Is Her Private Parts Turning Into a ''Wet Sponge''

Jennifer Lawrence

Jennifer Lawrence isn't holding back in answering all of your burning questions.

The actress covers the upcoming issue of Vanity Fair magazine and sat down with the publication to answer 128 seconds worth of quiz questions about herself. For example, she gives an adorable answer about her favorite dinner partner as well as some insight into her home life regarding her guilty pleasure.

But those only touch the surface when it comes to the many things J.Law reveals in some of her other answers. Let's just say things get weird...

Vanity Fair

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Passengers Trailer Shows Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence Suspended In Space

 Passengers Trailer,  Chris Pratt, Jennifer Lawrence

Sony Pictures Entertainment has released the new trailer for the upcoming sci-fi flick ‘Passengers’. The movie stars Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence in lead roles. The trailer reveals some plot details from the film and a few action sequences, explosions in space and beautiful computer generated graphics.

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Eleanor Tomlinson praises Jennifer Lawrence

Eleanor Tomlinson praises Jennifer Lawrence

Actress Eleanor Tomlinson has praised Jennifer Lawrence for paving the way for women in Hollywood.

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They Made How Much?! Here's What Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper and More Stars Earned in Your Favorite Movies

Jennifer Lawrence, Bradley Cooper

Hollywood: The town of A-list parties, glamour and some pretty big pay checks.

Before your favorite stars sign on the dotted line and agree to star in the biggest movies of the year, they agree to a contract that could earn themselves millions of dollars.

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