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Emergency terror measures become law in France

Emergency terror measures,

French MPs have overwhelmingly voted in favour of a new counter-terrorism bill, despite criticism that it undermines civil liberties.

Several of the measures put in place under the state of emergency declared after the 2015 Paris attacks will now be made permanent.

The bill will become law before the start of November when the state of emergency will finally end.

Under the law, authorities are allowed to shut down mosques or other places of worship if preachers are suspected of spreading radical ideas and theories.

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France’s Leaders Remain Addicted to the State of Emergency

France’s Leaders Remain Addicted to the State of Emergency

President Emmanuel Macron said today he will seek parliamentary approval to extend the country’s state of emergency until November 1, dashing hopes the new president might lift measures that have led to abusive practices.

Macron also announced, in the wake of the Manchester bombing, that his government would draw up a new counter-terrorism law in the coming weeks, despite the fact that France already has a raft of laws that permit the authorities to investigate, detain, and prosecute terrorism suspects.

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