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Emmanuel Macron eyes France-UK border agreement

Emmanuel Macron eyes France-UK border agreement

French president Emmanuel Macron is set to discuss reforming a bilateral border agreement with UK prime minister Theresa May on Thursday (18 January) amid pressure to prevent migrants from settling around the port city of Calais.

The Le Touquet agreement from 2003 allows British border controls to take place in Calais as well as similar French controls in the UK.

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Macron has vowed not to allow another migrant 'Jungle' camp to be set up in Calais

Emmanuel Macron

French President Emmanuel Macron has vowed not to allow another migrant “Jungle” camp to be set up in Calais.

The pledge came as he visited the Channel port ahead of Thursday's UK-France summit where he is expected to try and shake-up Britain’s role in dealing with migrants bidding to come to the UK.

Hundreds of asylum seekers hoping to cross the Channel remain in the area, more than a year after authorities dismantled the town’s sprawling Jungle camp.

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French carmaker PSA uses Macron reforms for 1,300 redundancies

French carmaker PSA

French carmaker PSA said Tuesday that it would make 1,300 people redundant under labour reforms pushed through by President Emmanuel Macron, the first big company to take advantage of the looser layoff laws.

Macron ran his campaign on a pledge to make businesses more competitive by making it less expensive to hire and fire workers, part of the former investment banker's push for a "French renaissance".

In September, he used executive decrees to shake up collective bargaining rules, overcoming the resistance of the far left and some labour unions.

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Emmanuel Macron insists France is committed to two-state solution in Jerusalem after Trump reversal

Emmanuel Macron

Macron reaffirmed France’s commitment to a two-state solution in Jerusalem, saying it remained the only viable option to end the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the French presidency said

Palestinian leaders must continue “calling for calm and dialogue” if they are to pave the way for future peace negotiations with Israel, the 40-year-old centrist said during a meeting with members of the Palestinian Central Council.

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Emmanuel Macron pursues ambitious agenda on first official China visit

Emmanuel Macron first official China visit

In Mandarin, Emmanuel Macron's name is rendered "Makelong", or "the horse vanquishes the dragon" -- an encouraging image for the French president as he heads to China on Sunday hoping to forge closer ties with President Xi Jinping.
During the three-day trip which begins Monday, Macron plans to seek a "strategic partnership" with Beijing, notably on terrorism and climate change, an official in the president's office said.

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France clampdown on fake news as Macron accuses Russia

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France clampdown on fake news as Macron accuses Russia

French President Emmanuel Macron announced plans for legislation to stop fake news spreading online in the run-up to elections, in a veiled reference to Moscow-backed RT and Sputnik.

Macron, who came to power in May, has previously lashed out at the Russian outlets as spreaders of "deceitful propaganda" and "organs of influence".

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Turkish President Erdogan to visit France amid tensions with EU

Turkish President Erdogan

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan announced on Saturday that he will travel to France to discuss bilateral relations with counterpart Emmanuel Macron, after a year of particularly strained ties between the European Union and Turkey.

Erdogan's visit comes as Turkey has seen its decade-long negotiations to join the EU almost grind to a halt and widespread criticism over a far-reaching crackdown against the president's opponents since last year's failed coup.

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France 'to demand UK pay more' for border controls post-Brexit

France 'to demand UK pay more' for border controls post-Brexit

President Emmanuel Macron reportedly set to ask Prime Minister Theresa May to contribute hundreds of millions of euros to reinforce France's border check points at ports facing Britain after Brexit.

France is reportedly set to demand hundreds of millions of euros from Britain to pay for new customs controls at Calais and its other Channel ports post Brexit.

The UK currently contributes to managing its border check points on France's mainland under a deal known as the Le Touquet Treaty.

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Macron predicts 'major' jobs gains by mid-2019

Macron predicts 'major' jobs gains by mid-2019

Macron's flagship labour reforms to produce major results in terms of creating new jobs by mid-2019, President Emmanuel Macron said.

Joblessness was a constant thorn in the side of Macron's Socialist predecessor François Hollande, who failed to move the needle much below 10 percent during his single term in power.

Since Macron's election, unemployment has dipped to around 9.6 percent -- still about twice that of Britain or Germany and well above the European average of 7.8 percent.

Macron's flagship labour reformsFlagship labour reformsEmmanuel Macron

Emmanuel Macron gets tough as France struggles to deal with migrants

Emmanuel Macron gets tough as France struggles to deal with migrants

It's getting colder, the clock is ticking and regional authorities are scrambling to meet President Emmanuel Macron's deadline: get migrants off France's streets and out of forest hideouts by year's end.

That won't likely happen, and Macron's government is now tightening the screws: ramping up expulsions, raising pressure on economic migrants and allowing divisive ID checks in emergency shelters.

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