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We Never Retreat from our Struggle: Families of Disappeared

Families of Disappeared

Until we know the truth about who our children were disappeared during the final war, we never retreat from our protest demonstration, says Relatives of missing persons in war-affected areas of Sri Lanka.

Relatives of missing persons started in February, 2017 a protest demonstration demanding on information loved ones disappeared. For the last 278 days, they stayed in a temporary hut beside the A9 road in front of Kilinochchi Kandasami temple.

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Sri Lanka blames Tamil diaspora for genocide charge against government

Sri Lanka blames Tamil diaspora for genocide charge against government

Sri Lanka has blamed the pro-LTTE Tamil diaspora for backing the genocide charge against the government as the country prepares to celebrate the eighth anniversary of the end of the three-decade long civil war. On May 12, the Tamil nationalists started a week long commemoration of what they termed the genocide of Tamils. Northern Provincial Council members held events in parts of the North to remember the victims of the bitter conflict by lighting oil lamps. “We want to commemorate the genocide of over 100,000 Tamils in 2009,” MK Shivajilingam a northern provincial councilor and a hardline

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