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French PM says,Anti-Semitism is France has deep roots and new masks

French PM Edouard Philippe

Amid attacks in Europe on Jews following the United States’ recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe condemned anti-Semitism “that always tries to justify itself with new pretext,” and which he said has deep roots in France.

Philippe’s remarks, which were unusual for his acknowledgment of the phenomenon’s depth in his country, came Sunday during a speech before approximately 700 participants of the 8th annual conference of the CRIF umbrella group of French Jewish communities.

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French PM Edouard Philippe booted from rightwing party

French PM Edouard Philippe,Edouard Philippe

 France's rightwing Republicans party confirmed it had expelled Prime Minister Edouard Philippe after he jumped ship to join President Emmanuel Macron's centrist government.

The opposition party said in a statement that two other members of the government, public accounts minister Gerald Darmanin and junior environment minister Sebastien Lecornu, had also been expelled.

French PM Edouard PhilippeEdouard PhilippeEmmanuel Macron's centrist government

French PM insists on pushing through controversial labor reform

Edouard Philippe

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe said on Wednesday that he was aware of the public anger over the controversial labor reform, but insisted that the new regulations would be pushed through.

"The protest I respect it, it exists, it is there, I listen. Freedom to demonstrate is a fundamental right in France and those who are concerned or opposed this text have the perfect right to protest," Philippe told France 2 television.

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12.500 places pour les demandeurs d'asile et les réfugiés

Plus de 12.000 places d'hébergement pour les demandeurs d'asile et les réfugiés, des efforts sur l'intégration, mais un durcissement des renvois pour les déboutés: le "plan migrants" présenté mercredi par le gouvernement vise à plus d'efficacité, en créant un poste de délégué interministériel.

"Nous ne sommes pas à la hauteur de ce que doit être la France" envers les demandeurs d'asile et les réfugiés, a d'emblée résumé le Premier ministre Édouard Philippe, en dévoilant ce "plan d'action" qui doit s'accompagner, dès septembre 2017, d'un projet de loi.

Edouard Philippe plans to make Paris "Europe's new number one financial hub" after Brexit

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The French government has set its sights on making Paris “Europe’s new number one financial hub" after Brexit.

The country’s prime minister, Edouard Philippe, told a conference in the French capital today that his government is set on enhancing the “standing of Paris”.

“The French government is committed to boost Paris attractiveness by all means,” he told the Europlace conference, addressing his audience in English. “We want Paris to become Europe’s new number one financial hub after Brexit.”

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French PM tells party that put Macron in power

Emmanuel Macron

French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe has urged the young party that swept Emmanuel Macron to the presidency in May to stay true to its name - Republic on the Move!

At its convention on Saturday, the movement gave itself a structure, opting for a layered and collegial leadership arrangement that it hopes will keep it mobilized for future elections.

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French PM Edouard Philippe urges end to spending addiction

Emmanuel Macron,Edouard Philippe , French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe ,  Cut expenditures over the next five years ,

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe says it's time to end France's addiction to easy public spending, promising to cut expenditures over the next five years and rein in debts he says are at an unacceptable level.

New president Emmanuel Macron regards taming spending and reducing its budget deficit as key to winning the trust of European Union partner Germany and persuading Berlin to embark on reforms to shore up the bloc.

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Thriller co-penned by French Prime Minister to be turned into a movie

Edouard Philippe

A political thriller co-written by France's new Prime Minister Edouard Philippe is to be made into a film.

In The Shadows, set during the final days of a neck-and-neck French presidential election, is being adapted for the screen by one of the country's best-loved actors, Guillaume Gallienne, according to reports.

The book, which Philippe wrote with fellow right-wing political insider Gilles Boyer, caused a minor stir because of the sexism of its principal character.

Political thriller co-writtenFrance's new Prime Minister Edouard PhilippePrime Minister Edouard PhilippeEdouard Philippe

Won't Support Edouard Philippe's Government:French Socialist Party

 French Socialist Party, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe, Edouard Philippe, Le Premier ministre Édouard Philippe

In a statement, the party announced on Saturday it would not take part in a vote of confidence in the government.

"We are definitely in the opposition and we will not vote over the issue of confidence to the government," the party's press service said on Twitter on Saturday.

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French PM stands by embattled minister

French PM stands by embattled minister

A government minister accused of wrongdoing will be allowed to remain in his role, French Prime Minister Édouard Philippe said on French television Tuesday night.

When asked if Minister of Territorial Integration Richard Ferrand would be permitted to keep his government position despite reports of potentially improper business dealings, Philippe said: “I am saying yes, after having perfectly understood, being perfectly conscious of the exasperation of the French, of their emotion, of their annoyance.”

French PM stands by embattled ministerEdouard PhilippeFrench Prime Minister Edouard Philippe



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