French energy company EDF to replace coal in China

French energy company EDF to replace coal in China

An energy service contract for a municipality in China means its residents won't have to use coal-fired options, French company EDF said Tuesday.

A subsidiary of the French company two years ago took an 80 percent stake in UPC Asia Wind Manage, which runs wind power plants in the second-largest economy. Its work covers four wind power plants with a net capacity of 66 megawatts and EDF has one, a 40MW plant, under construction.

French company EDFEDFEDF to replace coal in China

French regulator's review show two more nuclear reactors safe

French regulator's review show two more nuclear reactors safe

France’s ASN nuclear regulator has said two reactors, Chooz 2 and St Laurent 2, are safe after examining files submitted by EDF in a review of components of all the utility’s nuclear plants.

An EDF spokeswoman said ASN had not yet given the green light for resuming operations at the two reactors as this was usually done a few hours before restarting.

The 900 megawatt (MW) St Laurent 2 reactor, offline since Sept. 23, is scheduled to restart on Nov. 7, while the 1,500 MW Chooz 2, halted on Aug. 4, is due to come online on Nov. 9.

France nuclear plantsEDFFrance’s ASN nuclear regulatorASN nuclear regulatorChooz 2 and St Laurent 2 reactors

French utility EDF delays restarts at three nuclear reactors

French utility EDF delays restarts at three nuclear reactors

French state-controlled power utility EDF has delayed the restart of its 900-megawatt (MW) St. Laurent 2 nuclear reactor by five days until Nov. 2, a notice on power grid operator RTE’s website showed on Saturday.

The utility has also postponed by a day to Oct. 23 the restart of its 1,500-MW reactors Chooz 1 and Civaux 1, separate notices from RTE showed.

Chooz 1 was halted on Oct. 2 for maintenance and was initially scheduled to resume production the next day, but suffered an unplanned stoppage and its restart has been postponed several times since.

nuclear reactorsFrench utility EDF delaysFrench state-controlled power utility EDFEDFFrench state-controlled power utility

Nicolas Hulot revient sur ses « défis »:Nucléaire, révolution énergétique, accord sur le climat

Remettre les choses à plat, et miser sur les énergies renouvelables : tels sont les leitmotivs affirmés par le ministre de la transition énergétique, Nicolas Hulot, dans un entretien à paraître dimanche 16 juillet dans Ouest-France.

France to buy out Areva shareholders in bid for nuclear fix

Areva Tower

France will buy out minority shareholders in Areva (AREVA.PA) and delist the troubled nuclear group, the government said on Wednesday as talks with potential investors in a new nuclear fuel company being spun out of Areva neared a conclusion.

The state, which owns 87 percent of Areva, said it would offer 4.5 euros per Areva SA share to minority investors which include Kuwait's investment fund, French utility EDF (EDF.PA) and French energy group Total (TOTF.PA).

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France ready to save nuclear group Areva whoever wins presidency

French nuclear group , EDF

A government-led rescue of French nuclear group Areva and the wider atomic energy industry may cost the state as much as 10 billion euros ($10.45 billion), but political support is almost certain whoever wins the presidential election in May.

While taxpayers will ultimately pick up the huge bill, the main election contenders - from the Socialists and conservatives to the far-right National Front - broadly back the bailout, which involves splitting up Areva. (AREVA.PA)

French nuclear groupEDF

France announces alarm over nuclear power plants

Nuclear power plants,

Due to technical problems and financial difficulties experienced by energy giants EDF and Areva, the conditions of French nuclear power plants ''has become very worrisome'', Nuclear Safety Authority (ASN) president Pierre-Franck Chevet said on Wednesday.

Interviewed by the economic insert of Le Figaro, he said that 12 reactors had been shut down for inspections and stressed the need to reconsider the entire chain of control in order to make nuclear power safer.

Nuclear power plantsEDF

EDF representatives file legal challenge in France over Hinkley Point

Tensions over Britain’s proposed nuclear power station at Hinkley Point have flared again in France as five worker representatives on the board of the French power company EDF filed a challenge to overturn the company’s controversial decision to build the nuclear reactors.

EDFFrance over Hinkley Point


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