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Fillon under biggest threat among candidates - French counterterrorism body

Fillon under biggest threat among candidates

BFMTV reported that the UCLAT assesses the threat to Fillon as tier 2 on a four-point scale, where tier 1 is the greatest threat.

Earlier in the day, a picture showing an assault rifle, Le Figaro newspaper drawing of French presidential hopeful Francois Fillon and a flag of the Daesh terrorist group was found during the arrest of two young people suspected of preparing a terrorist attack in France.

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Daesh Can Hide in Mosul, Rule Through Surrogates Until US Moves Elsewhere.

 Daesh terrorist group, Control Mosul

Daesh terrorist group is likely to employ the same strategy that its predecessor used to control Mosul from 2004 to 2009, despite years of sustained US and Iraqi counterterrorism operations, the Rand Corporation think tank warned in a report.

Daesh terrorist groupControl Mosul


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