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Criminal Group Including Ukrainian Nationals Detained by Czech Police.

Czech police

The 15 members of the group who are suspected of theft and tax evasion could face up to 23 years in prison in Germany, Czech Radio said on Thursday.

The group has been active in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria. About 250 Czech police officers were involved in the operation to capture members of the criminal group. The Czech police were assisted by over 100 law enforcement members from other countries. An internal conflict has been ongoing in southeastern Ukraine since 2014.

Czech PoliceCriminal Group

Czech Police Detains Alleged Russian Hacker in Cooperation With US FBI

 Russian Hacker

Czech police in cooperation with the US Federal Bureau of Investigation detained alleged Russian hacker, who participated in conducting cyberattacks on the United States, Czech police said in a statement published on its official website on Tuesday.

“Czech police carried out a successful joint operation with the US Federal Bureu of Investigation.

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