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Calais complies with court order to provide toilets, water for migrants

Calais complies with court order to provide toilets, water for migrants

Calais started to install toilets and drinking water outlets for migrants on Wednesday, in line with a ruling by France's highest legal authority that the city's mayor vowed to defy.

Ten toilets and five taps were installed next to the premises of a Catholic charity on the outskirts of the city on Wednesday and local officials said more would be placed on another street not far from the ring road.

At the end of July the Council of State endorsed an order by a court in Lille to provide facilities for migrants.

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Hounding Migrants in France

Hounding Migrants in France

Nine months after the razing of a squalid migrant camp in Calais, France, known as “the Jungle,” where between 6,000 and 10,000 people were living, local authorities and President Emmanuel Macron’s government are determined to prevent a new camp from springing up. A new report charges that the police in Calais have abused some 500 migrants — nearly half of them minors — and harassed aid workers trying to help them.

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Calais living conditions now 'far worse' for refugees

Calais living conditions now 'far worse' for refugees

The clearance six months ago of the so-called Jungle camp in Calais has not stopped refugees from gathering there, the charity Care4Calais warned on Thursday.

About 400 refugees live in three small camps in the French port city, in far worse conditions than the Jungle, the report said.

"Living rough on the streets means no access to sanitation at all, with scabies, fungal infections and gum infections at an all time high," the organisation said.

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Truck drivers still under threat from Calais migrants

 Les camionneurs toujours menacés par les migrants de Calais,Truck drivers still under threat from Calais migrants

Three months after the notorious ‘Jungle’ Calais migrant camp was cleared, there has been a surge in the number of migrants gathering in the area in the hope of illegally entering the UK.

The changing situation has led to the closure of a lorry rest area near the coast due to the number of migrants attempting to break into vehicles parked up in them.

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Calais Jungle camp refugees attend French university

Calais Jungle camp refugees attend French university, Les réfugiés du camp de la jungle de Calais vont à l'université française

A group of 80 refugees from France’s “Jungle” camp in the northern port city of Calais have been selected to attend university as part of an initiative to help them earn a degree in preparation for life in their new host country.

They were chosen from a pool of 200 applicants from the “Jungle” – a sprawling camp that was home to as many as 10,000 people before it was demolished in October 2016 – to take intensive French language lessons and, eventually follow other coursework at the University of Lille in northern France.

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UK faces legal battle with Calais ‘Jungle’ children

Dozens of children who sought asylum in Britain after living in the Calais "Jungle" camp have launched a legal challenge against the government's handling of their claims, their lawyers said Thursday.

They accuse interior minister Amber Rudd of breaking the government's commitment to welcome vulnerable minors under section 67 of the Immigration Act, known as the Dubs amendment.

The case is being brought by 28 children who had their applications refused and another eight who are awaiting decisions, according to the Guardian newspaper.

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SIX camps spring up to replace the notorious Calais Jungle as migrants continue bid for UK

Calais Jungle camp

The new sites are said to be scattered across countryside surrounding the French Channel port. Although they are much smaller than the “jungle”, reports say they are attracting dozens of newcomers each week. 

The revelation is bound to reignite fears of migrants massing in a bid to cross the Channel into Britain. It also comes a week after the Daily Express revealed that up to 200 former “jungle” residents had returned to the site of the flattened camp. 

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Uncertainty for remaining Calais kids over UK transfers

France on Tuesday denied reports that Britain has stopped taking in migrant children relocated from Calais, saying London has taken in over 450 minors since the "Jungle" camp was razed and that the transfers were "going well".

The French interior ministry said Britain had accepted 866 unaccompanied minors since the start of 2016, 468 of whom were whisked across the Channel after the sprawling Jungle was demolished in late October.

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France to begin moving migrant minors from Calais on Wednesday

 French authorities will begin transferring on Wednesday about 1,500 unaccompanied migrant minors housed temporarily in converted shipping containers in Calais to reception centres across the country, officials said on Tuesday.

Demolition teams finished tearing down unoccupied shacks and tents in the northern seaside town on Monday after last week's evacuation of thousands of migrants from the Jungle camp, where more than 6,000 people were living, most of them in the hope of making it across the Channel to Britain.

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DOZENS of migrant children STILL wandering through Calais jungle camp days after evictions

French officials declared the eviction complete earlier this week, having evacuated 5,596 people since the clear-out operation began on Monday.

But even though the bulldozers have long since left the camp, a handful of lost youngster remain hiding out in the wreckage.

Around 70 people will today face their second night of sleeping rough in the demolished camp after a day of aimlessly wandering around the area.

Many children hope to find a home in the UK

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