France has a problem with Islam

President Francois Hollande told the authors of a book just published that France has "a problem with Islam" and there are too many immigrants arriving in the country who "shouldn't be here".

Hollande made the controversial remarks to the authors of A President Shouldn't Say That... in December 2015, a month after gunmen attacked Paris, killing 130 people.

"It's true that there's a problem with Islam. No one doubts it," Hollande is quoted as saying in the book published this week.

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Hollande will oppose burkini-style bans

Hollande will oppose burkini-style bans

French President Francois Hollande has suggested that he would oppose a national law banning burkini swimsuits, an idea championed by some conservative rivals.

In a speech about terrorism and democracy on Thursday, Hollande argued against measures stigmatising Muslims.

"As long as I am president, there will be no legislation of circumstance that is as impossible to apply as it is unconstitutional," he said.

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Court upholds burkini ban in Corsica despite previous ruling calling it illegal

A court in Corsica has upheld a burkini ban despite a previous ruling it was illegal and could violate basic freedoms.

A judge in the Bastia court said on Tuesday the ban issued by the mayor in Sisco was legal because public order had been disrupted in the region.

‘The presence on a beach in Sisco of a woman wearing a swimming costume of the type targeted (by the ban) … could cause risks to public order which it is the town hall’s duty to prevent,’ he said.


French court overturns 'illegal' burkini ban in Nice

A French court has overturned a ban on burkini in Nice, concluding that the decree against the full-body swimwear was illegal because there were no proven risks of disruption to public order.

The administrative court of Nice ruled on Thursday that "in the absence of such risks, the emotions and the concerns resulting from terrorist attacks, and especially from the attack on July 14, are insufficient grounds to legally justify the contested ban."

The court also found that burkinis posed no risk to "hygiene, decency or safety when swimming".

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Sarkozy vows to ban burkini across France if elected as swimwear row rumbles on

Sarkozy vows to ban burkini across France if elected as swimwear row rumbles on

Nicolas Sarkozy claims if re-elected as president of France the beach swimwear will never be allowed on beaches in his nation.

The comments from Sarkozy came in response to the French interior minister’s statement that a nationwide burkini ban would be unconstitutional.

During a Sunday interview with La Croix, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said that banning the burkini nationwide would be “ineffective and unconstitutional.”

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French minister meets Muslims on burkinis issue

France’s interior minister convened Muslim leaders on Monday to discuss the issues that honour the nation’s secular values, a task given new urgency after deep divisions surfaced over burkini bans in 30 French beach towns and after terror attacks that also stigmatised Muslims.

A high court struck down the burkini bans on Friday, but the high-pitched debate that quickly seeped into France’s political sphere revealed raw tensions between the secular establishment and sectors of France’s estimated 5 million Muslims, the largest Muslim population in Western Europe.

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French Mayors Are Still Cracking Down On The Burkini After A Court Said The Ban Was Illegal

 Maires de France sont encore sévir contre Le burkini Après une Cour dit que l'interdiction était illégale,French Mayors Are Still Cracking Down On The Burkini After A Court Said The Ban Was Illegal

Mayors in the French riviera were this weekend defiant in enforcing the burkini swimsuit ban on Muslim women despite France’s top administrative court ruling the ban illegal in other beach towns.

Despite the ruling, local authorities in Nice said they would CONTINUE to fine” women wearing the burkini, according to AFP.

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France's highest court suspends burkini ban in test case

France’s highest administrative court has suspended a ban on the burkini in a test case brought by human rights groups, pending a definitive ruling.

The ruling from the state council suspends a single ban in the southern town of Villeneuve-Loubet, near Nice, but is likely to set a precedent for other towns that have prohibited the full-body swimwear on their beaches.

Under the French legal system, temporary decisions can be handed down before the court takes more time to prepare a judgment on the underlying legality of the case.


Shocking moment armed police confront French woman wearing burkini on a beach

Shocking moment armed police confront French woman wearing burkini on a beach

Shocking photographs show four burly officers surrounding the middle-aged Muslim woman and demanding that she remove the full-length Islamic swimsuit or face a fine. 

The stunning showdown took place on the Promenade des Anglais, in Nice, just yards from where an Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist killed 86 people in a Bastille Day lorry attack. 

The mayor of the popular Riviera city recently followed the example of several other French beach resorts by introducing a ban on the burkini, saying it was against the country's secular values. 

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France burkini swimsuit ban a 'serious, illegal attack' on freedom, human rights group says

France burkini swimsuit ban a 'serious, illegal attack' on freedom,

The Human Rights League (LDH) is appealing a decision by a lower court in the Riviera city of Nice which upheld a ban on the outfit by the town of Villeneuve-Loubet.

Villeneuve-Loubet, just west of Nice, was among the first of some 15 French towns to ban the burkini, triggering a fierce debate in France and elsewhere about the wearing of the full-body swimsuit, women's rights and secularity.

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