Paris picked to host EU agencies after Brexit

Paris picked to host EU agencies after Brexit

The European Union went back to its roots Monday by picking cities from two of its founding nations – France and the Netherlands – to host key agencies that will have move once Britain leaves the bloc in 2019.

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Paris claims to have snatched 4,000 jobs from London

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London firms have already lost 4,000 jobs to Paris because of Brexit, French officials have claimed.

Several banks have publicly announced scaling down their re-location plans and Arnaud de Bresson, general delegate of Paris Europlace believes more moves will take place. 

He says London will still be important but will be smaller after Brexit. 

Ross McInnes, Franco-Australian chairman of Safran, who is also the Paris region’s economic ambassador agrees with this opinion.

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Merkel sends positive signal to May on Brexit talks

Angela Merkel,

German Chancellor Angela Merkel, in a markedly positive response on Friday to an EU summit appeal by Prime Minister Theresa May for help with Brexit, said talks with Britain were moving forward and were unlikely to break down.

Merkel made her comments at the end of the first day of a European Union summit and after May had appealed to her fellow leaders to help her silence critics at home and break a deadlock in the talks.

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France and Sweden's fintech ambitions get Brexit boost

France and Sweden's fintech ambitions get Brexit boost

The UK's divorce from the EU has led to France and Sweden gaining a larger share of the number of fintech deals done within the Union, according to the research firm CBInsights.

The survey, European Fintech Trends, showed the difference in the number and regional share of fintech deals among European countries and while the UK still leads the way with a 34% share, it has fallen from the 45% it enjoyed back in 2014.

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Why British migrants go to France - and vice versa

Why British migrants go to France - and vice versa

As stereotypes go, when it comes to quality of life, no place is better than France. So it's no surprise that British expats travel across the Channel mainly to retire.

Conversely, the French come to Britain mainly to study and work.

It's what emerges from a new survey that shows migration between the two frenemies is still strong - and roughly equal.

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We do not recognise reported 40 billion euro Brexit bill

We do not recognise reported 40 billion euro Brexit bill

Britain does not recognise media reports that the government is willing to pay 40 billion euros ($47.21 billion) to exit the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May’s spokesman said on Monday. The so-called “exit bill” is one of the first issues on the Brexit negotiating agenda, and also one of the most contentious. The EU has floated a figure of 60 billion euros, while Britain has not indicated how much it would be prepared to pay.

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London-Paris rivalry becomes a battle for financial hearts and minds

London-Paris rivalry becomes a battle for financial hearts and minds

Rivalry between London and Paris dates from long before the Brexit vote threatened to transform the competing economic attractions of the two capitals.

The cities are in almost perpetual dispute over which is the most visited in the world, citing different statistics or differing interpretations of the same figures.

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France eyes post-Brexit deal to keep fishing UK waters

France eyes post-Brexit deal to keep fishing UK waters

European countries affected by the end of a deal allowing them to fish close to Britain's coastline need an accord to allow them access after Brexit, France said on Monday.

Britain is to withdraw from a 50-year-old agreement allowing vessels from five European countries -- Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland and the Netherlands -- to fish within an area that is six miles (10 kilometres) off the UK's coast.

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Edouard Philippe plans to make Paris "Europe's new number one financial hub" after Brexit

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The French government has set its sights on making Paris “Europe’s new number one financial hub" after Brexit.

The country’s prime minister, Edouard Philippe, told a conference in the French capital today that his government is set on enhancing the “standing of Paris”.

“The French government is committed to boost Paris attractiveness by all means,” he told the Europlace conference, addressing his audience in English. “We want Paris to become Europe’s new number one financial hub after Brexit.”

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France outlines reforms to woo London jobs post-Brexit

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France’s pro-business charm offensive continued Friday, as the government laid out a series of measures aimed at luring firms leaving London’s financial centre in the wake of Brexit.

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