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CURA’s Illumine 360 degree - New device for early detection of breast cancer

CURA’s Illumine 360 degree can detect breast anomalies

 “CURA’s Illumine 360 degree can detect breast anomalies several years ahead of prevalent breast cancer screening methods, without causing pain due to compression and without non-ionizing radiation and human touch. With Illumina 360 degree, we believe that we have removed most of the barriers for early breast screening – pain, discomfort, radiation safety and breast exposure. Further, such device detects disease years earlier than today’s conventional screening modalities and when it is addressable without invasive and painful procedures,” said M Bala, president and CEO of CURA Healthcare.

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Early Diagnosis Can Help In Treatment Of Breast Cancer, Says Minister

Highlighting the increasing incidence of breast cancer in the country, Minister of State for Health Anupriya Patel on Friday stressed the need for creating awareness for prevention and treatment of breast cancer.

Inaugurating the 4th Annual Conference of the Breast Imaging Society of India (BISI) at PGIMER, Chandigarh Patel said that increasing incidences are due to lack of awareness regarding breast screening examinations and cancer detection in the advanced stages.

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Vitamin D Levels Tied To Breast Cancer Survival

For women diagnosed with breast cancer, high vitamin D levels in the blood may be tied to better odds of surviving and having tumors with less deadly characteristics, suggests a new study.

While the new study supports previous research on vitamin D and breast cancer, it can't prove that boosting vitamin D levels will improve outcomes for women with breast cancer.

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Breast cancer is common among men too

Breast cancer,

Breast cancer, the most widespread form of cancer, is now common among men too.

Sri Lanka reports around 2,000 to 2,500 women with breast cancer annually, while male breast cancer cases are estimated at around 50 a year.

Almost 99 per cent of women get breast cancer due to the effect of the estrogen hormone, while women who had not given birth, who use artificial hormones and drugs, especially for family planning, are also cited as reasons for breast cancer, medical research has established.

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