People of Paravipanchan began an indefinite attention drawn struggle till their lands get released

People of Paravipanchan which comes under the Killinagar GS Division belonging to the Karaichchi Divisional Secretariat Division have begun indefinite attention drawn struggle till their lands get released.

This attention drawn struggle has begun yesterday at 10 AM at the beginning of Paravipanchan main road.  

The people of Paravipanchan, who stated that they have been still living as the internally displaced in their own district in the midst of enormous difficulties, emphasized that their struggle would be continued till their deed-lands get released.  

These people highlighted that despite they requested the politicians and relevant officials several times to release their lands that are still being occupied by the occupying Sri Lankan military, nothing happened constructively. They further added that, at last they demanded the military soldiers who are occupying their lands to release their lands. But, nothing happened so far. That is why, as they planned earlier, they would continue their attention drawn struggle till a favorable solution is met. The protestors further said that they would continue this struggle day and night.

It is notable that despite some parts of the lands in Paravipanchan were released, lands belonging to more than fifty persons are yet to be released.