More Traffic Signals for Jaffna

The major causes for road accidents in the Jaffna Peninsula were due to  lack of knowledge of highway rules among the people  because of the the 30-year-long conflict situation and lack of traffic signals to regulate vehicle movements,  said National Council for Road Safety Chairman Dr. Sisira Kodagoda.

He said although there are 64 major junctions in the Jaffna Peninsula, only three had traffic signals.

 In order to  minimize  the rising rate of road accidents  in  Jaffna National Council for Road Safety  introduced    awareness programme  to educate the people  of Jaffna.

During the programme, schoolchildren, drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists and cyclists were made aware on road accidents and traffic signals while cyclists were instructed to install reflectors at the rear of bicycles to make them visible at nights.

Traffic signals will be installed at  rest  of the  major junctions in Jaffna to minimise the rising number of road accidents.