Don’t muddle the international participation:R. Sampanthan

TNA,R. Sampanthan,colombo,

Opposition Leader and leader of Tamil National Alliance (TNA) R.Sampanthan said investigation should be carried out through proper inquiry with the participation of foreign judges and fare justice should be ensured with regard to the alleged war crimes committed in Sri Lanka during the war.

Addressing at the book launching ceremony at Colombo Tamil Sangam as the Chief Guest, Mr. Sampanthan called for not to muddle the process.

Mr. Sampanthan expressed his views that fair judiciary inquiry base on truth on the war crime allegation is needed so that the true and fare political solution can be met which may be considered as reconciliation.

He also noted the necessity of the merger of Northern and Eastern Provinces so that the majority of the Tamils can be ensured. He clarified his statement that he expects a matured and educated chief minister for the eastern Province and not a Tamil person.