Certain types of crimes cannot be taken up by Hybrid Special Court:TULF

TULF , V. Anandasangaree ,colombo,

The General Secretary of the Tamil United Liberation Front ( TULF ) V. Anandasangaree has written a letter to the president on probing war crimes.

The Tamil United Liberation Front, issuing a letter, says that even though TULF opted to choose the Hybrid Special Court to probe the alleged war crimes, after seriously considering the type of cases that are to be probed into, it feels that certain types of crimes “cannot be conveniently taken up by the Hybrid special courts.”

It points out that except in some uncomplicated cases, all the others will have to be decided on the merits of each case, as to whether it is the Hybrid Special Court or the domestic mechanism, that should probe into a particular incident.

It also states that a committee could be set up to decide on the merits of each case, as to which one should be investigated by the domestic court or the Hybrid court,  adding that torture resulting in death, should go to the Hybrid Special Court, and “only torture” could be taken up for probing at the domestic courts.

It concludes by saying that the cases for which capital punishment can be imposed should be referred to the Hybrid court. And in the event that the Hybrid Court is not set up, a team of observers with legal knowledge could be made present at all such trials.