Pradeep Rawat

Pradeep Ram Singh Rawat is an Indian actor. He is notable for playing villainous roles in Telugu, Hindi, Tamil and Malayalam films.

He worked as a banker in U.C.O Bank, Wright Town, Jabalpur (M.P.).

Rawat's first appearance was in Mahabharat as Ashwatthama, Dronacharya's son. He appeared in the Yug as British police officer Marshal. He was in memorable roles in Bollywood films such as Sarfarosh as Sultan, in Lagaan as Deva, in Ghajini (2005) as Ram and Lakshman, and in Ghajini (2008) as Ghajini Dharmatma.

Sayaji Shinde

Sayaji Shinde (born 1 February 1952) is an Indian film actor, who has acted in Telugu, Marathi, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, and Malayalam films. Sayaji started his acting career in 1978 with acting in Marathi one-act plays. His acting in a 1987 Marathi play titled ‘Hijada’ (Eunuch) was very well received and since then he started gaining popularity among the circle of stalwarts. Later he moved on to Marathi cinema and later started acting in other languages.


Lakshmi Narayan (born Yaragudipati Venkatalakshmi on 13 December 1952) is an Indian actress known for her work in Indian film industry. Starting to act at the age of 15, she made her silver screen debut as an actress with the Tamil film Jeevanamsam in 1968, in the same year she was starred in the Kannada film Goadalli CID 999 starring Dr. Rajkumar. In 1974, she starred in her first Malayalam film Chattakari which went on to become blockbuster throughout India.

M. S. Bhaskar

Muthupandi Sundaram Bhaskar (born 19 January 1952) is an Indian actor. A former theatre artiste, he has appeared in supporting roles and as a comedian in Tamil TV series and more recently in Tamil films. His works include the series Chinna Papa Periya Papa and Selvi and in the films Sivakasi and Mozhi. In addition to acting, Bhaskar is a dubbing artiste and occasional playback singer as well.


Sujatha (10 December 1952[1] – 6 April 2011) was a South Indian actress who performed in Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Hindi language films, and was best known for restraint and subtlety in portrayal of varied emotions. Sujatha was introduced to the Tamil film industry by veteran director K.


Vijayakanth (born as Vijayaraj) is a Tamil actor and a politician. He was the Leader of the Opposition of the Tamil Nadu Legislative Assembly till February 2016, when his party lost the eligibility to be an opposition party. Prior to becoming a politician, he was a film actor in Tamil cinema from 1979 to 2010. He is the founder of Desiya Murpokku Dravida Kazhagam and former Member of Legislative Assembly representing the constituency of Rishivandiyam.


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