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Movie wiki in one line Title: Vaali, Running time: 158 min, Release date: 30 April 1999, Language: Tamil, Censor type: A, Stars: Ajith Kumar and Simran and Jyothika, Director: S. J. Surya, Music director: Deva, Poster: Attached, Budget: ₹15 crore, Box office collections: ₹30 crore, Producer: S. S. Chakravarthy

Vaali is a 1999 romantic thriller film written and directed by S. J. Surya making his directorial debut and was produced by S. S. Chakravarthy under production company Nic Arts. The film stars Simran in lead role and Ajith Kumar (in dual roles) with Jyothika (in her cinematic debut), Vivek, Pandu and Livingston portraying supporting roles. It tells the story of Deva and Shiva, two look-alike siblings with Deva being deaf and dumb. When Shiva marries his sweetheart Priya, Deva becomes obsessed and has a lust towards Priya.

Surya who was assisting Vasanth in Aasai (1995) was approached by Ajith that he will do a film under his direction if he has a good script. Simran was selected as the lead actress after attempts to sign Keeerthi Reddy and Roja has failed. The soundtrack was composed by Deva and lyrics were written by Vairamuthu with songs like "Oh Sona" and "April Madhathil" being popular. The cinematography was handled by Jeeva while the editing was done by duo B. Lenin and V. T. Vijayan.

The film was released on 30 April 1999 to positive reviews from critics with Simran's performance and Ajith's portrayal as deaf and dumb brother being widely praised. The film became a commercial success at box-office and became one of the successful films in the career of Ajith Kumar and established S. J. Surya as a director.

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