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Movie wiki in one line Title: Meesaya Murukku, Running time (duration/length): Not known, Release date: 14 April 2017, Language: Tamil, Director: Hiphop Tamizha Adhi, Music director: Hiphop Tamizha Adhi, Censor type: Not known, Stars: Hiphop Tamizha Adhi and Vivek and Aathmika, Poster: Attached, Budget: Not known, Box office collections: Not known, Producer: Sundar C

Meesaya Murukku (English: Twirl the moustache) is an upcoming Indian Tamil-language romantic musical film directed by Adhi of Hiphop Tamizha in his directorial debut. He also stars as the lead along with Aathmika as female lead, while Vivek and Vijayalakshmi playing supporting roles.

In August 2013, Adhi, the lead singer of Hiphop Tamizha (HHT) revealed that he had been signed as lead for a full-length feature film based on HHT which was expected to released by the mid of 2014. He also stated that there was a search for a suitable director to helm the spec script. After a brief development hell, during October 2016, a 90–second teaser was released on HHT's official YouTube channel, as news emerged that the film being titled as "Meesaya Murukku" produced by Sundar C. for Avni Movies, who green lit the project within five minutes of his narration and insisted him to perform as lead actor, after being impressed with his video song on Jallikattu, "Takkaru Takkaru". Apart from debuting as actor in a full-length role, Adhi also serves as writer and director besides composing the score and writing lyrics for the film.

As revealed in 2013, Adhi continued to be lead actor and chose Aathmika to pair for him, after coming across her Facebook profile. The film also features Vivek and Vijayalakshmi in supporting roles, where the former plays the father of Adhi's character.

Though pre-production began in August 2013, the film, as of October 2016, was reported to have completed 45 days of shoot with two songs left to be shot. Filming ended by early November 2016.

Adhi composed the music of the film. A promotional song, "Sait Ji", was released in late 2016. Although it became a viral hit on YouTube, Sundar C. received a legal notice from Ashok G Lodha of Shri All India Shwetamber Sthanakwasi Jain Conference. Lodha objected to the words "Sait Ji", meaning "affluent trader", and demanded that they be removed from the song, feeling it was "a classic example of abuse of the (Jain) community in the name of creativity and art." Sundar C obliged, and had the words removed not only from the song, but also from the finished film. The YouTube video itself was deleted later.

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