Latest news about Vishal and Varalakshmi says they have broken up

vishal and varalakshmi latest news

Back in April 2016, when a reported quipped acor Vishal about his marriage plans this is what the actor had to say "I will definitely marry once the edifice of 'Nadigar Sangam' is erected."

It was believed that Varalaxmi Sarathkumar and Vishal Krishna, who have been reportedly in close bond for many years, were going to break the news of their romance.

But what has happened since then is not what we expected.

It seems like they have broken up. A tweet posted by the actress in September 2016 caused much buzz and we thought that she was talking about someone else. But now it seems like she tweeted about her love life.

And the actress recently took to twitter and posted "Dear media friends..IM NOT GETTING MARRIED anytime soon..I'm married to my work. So plz stop writing about my wedding..It's bad journalism. [sic]"

By the looks of tweets, it seems like Vishal is no loner in a hurry to marry his long-term friend Varalaxmi.

Only time will tell.