Hyderabad ISIS module busts myth that poverty, lack of education cause for terrorism

ISIS ,Hyderabad , IT company

The profile of the persons arrested in Hyderabad who were allegedly part of an ISIS module just goes on to show that poverty and lack of education are no longer reasons to be part of a terrorist group. Engineers, BBA students and graduates- these were the profiles of the persons arrested. In this context we must also look at the six different incidents relating to Hyderabad and the ISIS that have taken place since 2014. The city which has its fair share with terror was always vulnerable to radicalisation. What is worrying that is that in most of the cases, one has found that the persons taking to terror are educated and from good backgrounds.

Educated and lethal:

Ataullah Rehman Ghouse the 32 year old English teacher has been accused of administering an oath of allegiance to the ISIS. The other person to be arrested was Mohammad Ibrahim Yazdani a 32 year old engineering graduate from Anwarul Uloom College of Engineering and Technology. Mohd Iliyas Yazdani a graduate in computer applications was also arrested by the NIA. Abdullah Bin Ahmed Al Amoodi alias Fahad the 31 year old BBA graduate is considered to be one of the brains behind this module.

Habeeb Mohammad the 32 year old computer science engineer from Kakatiya University, Warangal worked as a system's administrator in an IT company too was arrested by the NIA. The other two to be arrested are Naimathullah Hussaini and Muzaffar Rizwan. These two persons worked as salespersons.

Missing the signs:

Since the year 2014 there have been several incidents relating to the ISIS reported from Hyderabad. On September 11 2014 15 students including a girl attempted joining the ISIS. Theywere however picked up in West Bengal while trying to cross over. On January 15 2015 the 32 year old Salman Mohiuddin was arrested from the airport. He was planning on going to Dubai first and later to Syria. On May 3 2015, Hafiz a student from Hyderabad joined the ISIS in Syria but was killed in an air strike.

On September 11 2015, Afsha Jabeen originally from Hyderabad was deported to the city from Abu Dhabi after it was found that she was recruiting people into the ISIS. On December 26 2015, Faruqui Hussaini, Abdul Basit and Mohammad Hussain arrested by Maharashtra ATS for trying to join the ISIS. All of them hailed from Hyderbad. On January 22 2016 three persons Mohammadn Nafees Khan, Mohammad Shareef and Abu Zarar arrested by NIA for allegedly being part of an ISIS module.