Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney Denies Lip Injection Rumors

Olympic gymnast McKayla Maroney turned heads when she displayed a noticeably different appearance during the Olympic trials, but she's now going on the record to deny any nips and tucks.

After sharing several sultry pictures on Instagram, fans speculated that she had lip injections to give her a plumper pout. But Maroney tells Seventeen that she's had no work done. "First of all, that I haven't," she says when asked if she's had lip injections. "And I've posted a picture on Instagram last night that was like, how do I make my face look like I didn't do anything to my face when I literally have not done anything to my face?"

Maroney chalks up her changed pout to over-lining her lips with lip liner and other makeup tools—not plastic surgery. But with ever-present social media tracking people's every moves, Maroney admits it can be hard to change in front of the camera. 

"Growing up in the social media world, it's tough. Your face changes, you get older, your face fills out, and you fall into liking makeup and different stuff like that. And for people saying that, for the most part—it would kind of hurt my feelings when you haven't done anything," she shares with the magazine.

"You just kind of have to keep being yourself and move forward with what you love. I just haven't had anything to give to people, so they're almost just picking at anything that they can to find something to talk about me for. It's just one of those things right now and you just have to keep moving forward."

Maroney announced her retirement from professional gymnastics in February, admitting that health issues and her dwindling love of the sport made her want to put her "worth and value into something else." These days the former gymnast is working on a music and acting career, having already made appearances in Bones and Hart of Dixie. She also has an upcoming appearance on Superstore.