Daisy Ridley took therapy to deal with crippling fame

Daisy Ridley

British actress Daisy Ridley, who rose to fame with 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens,' has revealed that she had to take therapy to deal with 'crippling' fame.

The 25-year-old actress has admitted that she struggled with all the fame that came towards her with her portrayal of Rey in the hit sci-fi movie series. The actress also revealed that she worried she wouldn't be able to repeat her well-received performance in follow-up 'The Last Jedi'.

She said, "Everything was so confusing. People were recognising me - I still don't know how to handle it. My skin got really bad because I was stressed. It was crippling. I just felt so seen and so self-conscious."

Adding, "I went and saw a lovely lady. I felt like I was sort of reducing myself because I was so worried that people would recognise me. Then I thought 'You know what? I want to dance through life. I don't want to scuttle." The 'Murder on the Orient Express' star also revealed she was shocked when some fans came to her house looking for autographs.

She also noted, "I heard a knock on the door. These two guys went, 'Hey, Daisy, can I get an autograph?' and I literally went, 'No f***in' way. My mum said to me, 'Everyone's trying to take ownership of you.'" Daisy admitted she still calls her mother once a month "in hysterical tears, going, 'I'm not equipped to deal with this!'"

It should be noted that Daisy Ridley will be next seen in 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' alongside Mark Hamill, John Boyega, Oscar Isaacs and late Carrie Fisher. Helmed by Rian Johnson, the flick is slated to release on December 15.