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Twenty Islamic State militants remaining in last stronghold in Anbar

Twenty Islamic State militants remaining in last stronghold in Anbar

The number of remaining Islamic State militants is estimated at no more than twenty members at the group’s stronghold in western Anbar, an official said.

“The families that remained in Rawa are around 300 families. News that mentioned that they are besieged to be used at human shields are untrue as the militants are in defeated,” Hussein al-Okaidi, mayor of Rawa told Baghdad Today.

“After the IS blew up the only bridge in Rawa, security troops had to look for a way to the town through al-Rummana,” he added.

Islamic State militantsIslamic StateISAnbarLast stronghold in Anbar

Pak's Dhok Pathan Village After Bus Falls Into Ravine : 26 Dead, 46 Injured

 Pak's Dhok Pathan Village After Bus Falls Into Ravine

A passenger bus lost control and plunged into a ravine killing at least 26 people and injuring 46 others in northern Pakistan, police said Thursday.

The crash took place near Dhok Pathan village, some 115 kilometres (70 miles) southwest of the capital Islamabad late Wednesday.

"At least 26 people have died and 46 others were injured when a passenger bus lost control at a slope and veered off into a deep ravine," local police official Fazal Abbas told AFP.

Bus Falls Into RavinePak's Dhok Pathan Village26 Dead46 Injuredpassenger bus lost control

Believes Afghanistan air strike killed civilians : Says UN

 Believes Afghanistan air strike killed civilians

 In a series of messages on Twitter, the UN Assistance Mission in Afghanistan said interviews with multiple survivors, medics, elders and others gave it strong reason to believe that civilians were among the victims of Saturday’s attack.

“Credible reports that at least 10 civilians killed in Kunduz Afghanistan air strike 4 Nov, UNAMA initial findings show,” it said.

The statement contradicts a US statement on Tuesday which said that an investigation had found no evidence of civilian deaths.

Believes AfghanistanAfghanistan air strikeAfghanistan air strike killed civiliansSays UN

Bomb kills three, in restive southwestern Pakistan

Bomb kills three,  in restive southwestern Pakistan

Baluchistan was rocked by a series of attacks late last year that claimed over 180 lives and raised concerns about a growing militant presence, including fighters affiliated with Islamic State, which has claimed several bombings in the province.

The violence has raised concerns about security for projects in the $57 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor, a planned transport and energy link from western China to Pakistan’s southern deep-water port of Gwadar.

Bomb kills threesouthwestern Pakistanembraced martyrdom includingHamid Shakeel and his driver

Saudi Police Arrests, Missiles And Proxy Conflict - All In 5 Days

Saudi  Police  Arrests

Even for an OPEC powerhouse intent on re-inventing itself domestically and flexing its muscles in one of the world's most turbulent regions, the past week has been remarkable.

Saudi Police ArrestsMissiles And Proxy Conflict- All In 5 Daysfour ministers and dozens of former ministersanti-corruption drivecritics sawCrown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Syrian army take last IS stronghold in Syria

Syrian army take last IS stronghold in Syria

Syria’s army and its allies, led in the battle by Lebanon’s Hezbollah, have captured the last major Islamic State-held town in Syria, a commander in the military alliance supporting Syrian President Bashar al-Assad said on Wednesday.

“The last stronghold of Daesh (Islamic State), Albu Kamal, is free of the Daesh organization,” the commander said.

The commander added that Iraqi Popular Mobilisation Forces also took part in the capture of Albu Kamal, located in Syria near the Iraqi border on the Euphrates river.

ISSyrian ArmyIslamic StateDaeshSyriaLebanon’s HezbollahHezbollahlast IS stronghold

Diplomatic niceties for Trump in Beijing before tough talks

Diplomatic niceties for Trump in Beijing before tough talks

President Donald Trump nodded appreciatively as China’s Xi Jinping showcased a centuries-old temple in Beijing’s Forbidden City. He clapped along as the two leaders watched a Chinese children’s opera. And the pair shared a traditional tea and salutations of friendship.

Trump’s two-day visit to China opened with diplomatic niceties aplenty Wednesday. But thorny issues await the two world leaders behind closed doors, including potential tensions over trade and China’s willingness to put the squeeze on North Korea over its nuclear weapons program.

China’s Xi JinpingBeijing’s Forbidden CityDonald Trump

US President Denounces 'Cruel Dictatorship' Of N. Korea

US President  Donald Trump

 President Donald Trump warned the "cruel dictatorship" of North Korea against underestimating the United States Wednesday, but offered leader Kim Jong-Un a better future if he gives up his nuclear ambitions.

In an address to the South Korean parliament -- the first by a US president for 24 years -- Trump painted a dark picture of Pyongyang as an oppressive, despotic regime.

He called on the world to act, specifically singling out the North's allies China -- where he was headed for later Wednesday -- and Russia.

US President DenouncesDonald Trump warned'Cruel Dictatorship' Of N. Korealeader Kim Jong-Un a better future

Pakistan-based JeM chief Masood Azhar a 'bad guy' : United States

 Pakistan-based JeM chief Masood Azhar

Last week, China for the fourth time had blocked a proposal backed by the US, France and Britain to list Azhar as a global terrorist, citing a lack of consensus among the members of the Al-Qaeda Sanctions Committee of the UN Security Council.

The JeM, founded by Azhar, has already been in the UN's list of banned terror outfits.

"We certainly think that he is a bad guy. We would like to have him on that list," State Department Spokesperson Heather Nauert said at a press conference when asked about China's move.

Pakistan-based JeM chiefJeM chief Masood AzharMasood Azhar a 'bad guyUnited States

Saudi Arabia Prince 'Alive And Well': Saudi Rejects Death Rumours In Graft Crackdown

Saudi Arabia Prince 'Alive And Well'

 Saudi Arabia on Tuesday roundly rejected reports that a prominent prince had been killed in a sweeping anti-corruption purge of the kingdom's elite.

Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahd, a son of the late king Fahd, was rumoured to have been killed in custody or while resisting arrest amid the crackdown at the weekend.

The hashtag "death of Prince Abdulaziz bin Fahd" has since featured on social media, fuelling fevered speculation online.

Saudi Arabia PrincePrince 'Alive And WellSaudi RejectsSaudi Rejects Death RumoursDeath Rumours In Graft Crackdown



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