Baahubali 2 box office prediction,Earn Rs 250 crore in 3 days

Baahubali 2 box office

India’s biggest film Baahubali The Conclusion is all set to release in the theatres and is expected to break all records. The hysteria that surrounds the film is something new not only for the filmmakers of the country but audiences who seem to have never experienced something like this. Talking about the trade expectations from the film, distributor Akshaye Rathi told IndianExpress.com, “Day one across languages, I wouldn’t be surprised if the film rakes in Rs 70 crore on the first day itself. As far as the weekend is concerned, the film across the languages within India would do around the business of net amount of Rs 230 + crores.”

He added that the film has had insane kind of corporate sales where companies have bought a single show’s tickets and sold them by organising contests or gave them to their customers. Also, whether in the country or overseas, the kind of brand association the film has had is something that speaks volumes about fan frenzy.

Akshaye says, “Advance booking all over the country would have easily reached 25 crore plus in 24 hours itself.” Talking about the hysteria, he said, “I saw a similar craze during Dabangg. Ek Tha Tiger also had similar craze but since it released pre-Eid, the film did not perform well. Ramzaan doesn’t go well with Salman or his fans. Bajrangi Bhaijaan had amazing sales and even Chennai Express and Dangal but Baahubali is for sure emerging bigger than Khans.”

Explaining the statement, Akshaye said that the film has more reasons to its popularity because of the language, “Baahubali is huge in every language, whether Telugu, Malayalam or Hindi. The kind of ratio this film has, no Kumar, Devgn or Khan or any star from down south has had. Baahubali will also boost the markets which have been facing a low since last three weeks despite having okay releases.”

Talking about the kind of changes industry might experience post the release of Baahubali 2, Akshaye said, “It will open eyes of the industry and make them realise the potential Indian audience has. We are not pushing the envelope of making a universal film. We don’t have the budget to make Fast And Furious kind of film but we have brains to make a film like Baahubali, which has broken every barrier of age group, language, gender or anything being the first kind of film industry in past 20 years. We need to move out of targeting the audiences like multiplexes, single theatres, towns or cities.”

However, he is certain that the film would not be able to break Furious 8 worldwide record which released two weeks ago. “No chance, Baahubali is still going to be watched by Indians. Furious 8 has a global fan following and the level on which it was released is massive compared to release size of Baahubali.”

The distributor says only Baahubali can break the record set by Aamir Khan’s Dangal, which is the second largest grossing film of the industry with around Rs 713 crore collection at the box office. “The film is releasing over 7000 + screens in India, and 2500 + overseas. Out of these screens, only 125 oversea screens have an IMAX format, and India is even lower with only 12 IMAX screens across the nation. As far as the collection is concerned, the filmmakers recovered the making cost with their first instalment which went on to earn more than Rs 400 crore. So, whatever they earn out of the second installment is going to be complete profits.”

In the US, the film has already minted over $3 million from pre-sales of tickets, according to distributor Great India Films. “We have passed $3 million in pre-sales and are adding almost $100,000 to the total every hour. This is the highest for an Indian film in advance ticket sales,” read a statement from Great India Films. In the US, the film is releasing in over 1,100 screens.