Ajith and Shalini love story

Ajith Shalini love story

Back in 1999, during the shoot of Saran's Amarkalam, there is this one particular incident that is said to have brought Ajith and Shalini together, of course due to the actions of cupid.

At that time, their involvement made Ajith a regular subject of tabloid gossip, a role to which he was accustomed following his previous relationship with actress Heera.

Amarkalam cast and crew shot an action sequence which required Ajith to wield a knife and pretend to make a cut on Shalini’s hand. But Ajith accidentally cut her hand for real. This resulted in him taking care of her on the set, and she in turn, was really impressed with that.

It was not love at first sight but as the time progrssed both of them felt that they are made for each other.

Ajith proposed to Shalini in June 1999, and following consultations with her family, she agreed. 

It is believed that Shalini's parents Babu and Alice initially hesitated to hand over their daughter to an actor who was rumoured to have been in relationship with many actress in general and actress Heera in particular.

It is said that actress Shamili, who also happens to be the sibling of Shalini, was the one who convinced her parents after witnessing good natures of Ajith.

They got married in 24 April 2000 in Chennai in a grand ceremony. As both were of different religions, Ajith being a Hindu Brahmin and Shalini being Protestant Christian, they were married together under the customs of both religions. After their marriage, Shalini retired as an actress and became a full-time housewife, following the completion of two unfinished projects. The couple have two children. On 3 January 2008, they had their daughter, Anoushka AjithKumar, she was born in Chennai. On 2 March 2015, they had their second child, a son Aadvik AjithKumar.

This is the love story of Ajith and Shalini.